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Creates the asp code to put your microsoft access
database tables online with full administration
Save hour's and hour's of development time by generating all the code you need to get started ...

Indispensable tool for beginners to advanced asp developers

access2asp generates asp code for an image library! - click to see the tutorial! generation now available in v3.0

access2asp generates 'clean',pro asp code ( classic asp or .NET  ) to view,search,edit,add and delete records from your access db tables

access2asp can also create an image library for administrators to upload images - this image library integrates with the WYSIWYG editor meaning easy administration of content rich pages.

see the contact demo, with image library and WYSIWYG editor in the admin
- - this took 5 minutes from being a raw access database file to being a fully online searchable and administratable website with administratable pictures which integrate seamlessly into the WYSIWYG editor.

see the classic asp demo

see the .Net demo

access2asp v4.6 now has much improved .net code generation.
access2asp v4.6 can also export your results to an excel spreadsheet ( classic asp and , generate a WYSIWYG editor for your memo/text area fields (classic asp ) plus many other features required in todays dynamic websites.

download free trial    click here to buy the full version

getting started tutorial
asp image library tutorial
css style tutorial
WYSIWYG editor

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01forums - quality asp forums free trial available!

custom asp / access / sql server programming

WYSIWYG editor can be generated for memo fields in v3.0

access2asp can generate's 'classic asp' and As well as this it can generate a royalty free WYSIWYG editor for your memo fields ( this feature is currently asp only ) - this editor integrates with the image library giving you the power of a word processor online - allowing administrators of your generated site to create content rich pages with no knowledge of html or programming.

Aimed at beginners to advanced asp / developers access2asp is an indispensable tool guaranteeing to save you hours and hours (and hours! - or should that be days?!) of development time.
The process is simple - select your database and click the convert button!
All asp / pages for a 'front end' and an 'administration' section are automatically created for all tables, or the tables that you select.

The 'front end' version
The asp / created will build a list screen for each table.
Clicking on a link in the list will take the user to the detail for that record.
'Order by' links can be generated to allow ordering by your column fields.

The 'admin section'
A password protected* admin section to administer your database online will be created allowing administrators to add, edit and delete records. A WYSIWYG editor ( currently asp only ) can be generated for memo fields which integrates with your database memo field and with your image library.

The asp / and html code is all 'clean' and fully commented ( unlike many other code generators ;) ....

asp / developers often spend hours of time producing forms and re-writing code to produce front end list and detail screens - and administration sections which consist of list screens,forms and sql statements for editing and adding records for each table.
access2asp does all this for all your tables - instantly!*

All SQL statements are generated for you creating your INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements.

Javascript validation automatically created for required fields.

A CSS script can be chosen from one of the syles -meaning changing the font for the site means just editing one file.

access2asp produces ALL of these screens for ALL tables* at the click of a button meaning an asp developer can get the core code (with a full administration section) required for his/her site in literally seconds.. this enables you to spend more time creating truly outstanding sites! .... read more
*full version only-free trial version converts 2 table's

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